How to Apply

 Instructions for Both New and returning students:

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Application for New Students:

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Application for Returning Students:

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Instructions for Adaptive Program

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Application for Adaptive Program

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North Idaho Mountain Sports Education Fund, Inc. (NIMSEF)

When applying, please read the instructions carefully and complete all information asked for.

Program Description for ages 7 to 14:

The Funatics program at Schweitzer (Ages 7 to 14) is a great way to get kids fired up about skiing or snowboarding. These are sports that can keep them active and healthy during the cold gray winter months, and they can continue to enjoy them throughout the rest of their lives. Funatics connects groups of similar age and ability who spend eight weeks together exploring all the mountain has to offer. The group and their coach stay together for the entire program to maximize the fun and the learning. This is an all day program from 9:30 to 3:30. Lunch is not included but the class finds a location to eat together in one of the lodges. Classes are either on Saturday or Sunday, starting on January, 2020 and end on March 2020. No class on Presidents weekend (Feb 15/16). The package from North Idaho Mountain Sports Education Fund will also include a seasons pass, bus pass and rental equipment

Program Description for ages 15 to 17:

For ages 15 to 17 the child will participate in an adult group lesson. The lesson lasts for 1 to 2 hours depending on group size. The child will receive vouchers for 6 lessons and they can be taken on any day of the week or there is a possibility of an eight week program. They will need to sign up for each lesson via the ski and ride center desk. They will also receive a season pass, bus pass and use of rental equipment.

Instructions for Application:

1. Fill out Completely (Be Accurate) (Child must be ages 7 to 17) Please attach a copy of last year’s tax return (required).

2. The child should write their own explanation as to why they want to participate in this program.

3. Please attach a letter of reference from a non family member; such as a teacher, minister etc. The letter should state why the child is deserving of this and that there is an economic need.

4. We believe that anything that is earned is valued more. A fee of $50.00($100 for 16-17 y/o) for first timers and $100/150/200/250 for returning students is required and we would like the child to earn the money themselves. This could be done by helping at home, chores for neighbors or friends etc. Please have the child include in their application an explanation how they plan to earn the money.

5. We may receive more applications than available openings. If you are not chosen this year to receive a scholarship we will notify you by email. You may apply again next year.

**Due date:  10/15/19        Mail to: NIMSEF  PO  Box 170 Ponderay, ID. 83852